Living History

I met someone this morning for coffee at a popular downtown spot. I knew most everyone there and they knew me. Those whom I didn’t know personally were happily introduced by my companion. It made me think about similar downtown spots 20 years ago, 40, 50, 100.  Then as now, Westporters were living their present together. With luck we will pass collectively into the annals of town life for future generations to examine just as they did.

Being the steward of those annals--and the facilitator of those examinations--is how I see my role as the new Executive Director of the Westport Historical Society. I am a former news reporter, award winning author and cultural strategist. I’ve written about history and culture particularly through the prism of foodways--and I’m a hardcore history geek.

Over the course of my career, one thing has always proven true: history is a primer for the present. An open book from which we can learn and interact.

That’s why my goal is to make Westport Historical Society a community hub at the forefront of town life. A place where folks are eager to arrive and reluctant to leave. A place with something for everyone.

Have thoughts on adult programming? Fundraising? Exhibits? Ideas about re-imagining our spaces? Education for K-12? Anything at all? I want to hear them.

We live in a special town, rich with history, public engagement, arts and culture and, most of all, history-makers—chief among them is you and I want to hear your voice.

Drop a note in the mail, email me at, or stop by and add to our new Suggestions Box. While you're here, check out our new look, and our exciting new exhibit: The Curious Case of Ed Vebell as well as, later this month, the launch of our year long interactive installation: The History of Westport in 100 Objects.

Thanks for listening—and I hope you’ll give me a chance to do the same.



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15 Feb 2018

By Ramin Ganeshram