The Crier's Lists

lists complied of fun activities for all ages and a great resource for residents

Books for your vacation!

by Jennifer Blankfein on

This is a list of some of the best books to take on vacation! ... Learn More

Winter Bucket List for Families


Fun activities all winter long for the whole family!... Learn More



A list of the many services and technological resources the Westport Library has to offer you! ... Learn More

Winter Bucket List- Adult/Couple Activities


Some different ideas to do this winter that aren't just food & drinks! ... Learn More

A Quick Date!


Events happening at the Quick Center! ... Learn More

WestportREADS 2019


Westport Library works with many authors, artists, and everyday people to allow them to share their stories and experiences in hopes it will help and inspire others. ... Learn More

Eat Your Veggies


The new year is the perfect time to opt for more vegetarian or vegan options!... Learn More

Most Important Meal of the Day


Restaurants in the Fairfield County area with healthy breakfast options!... Learn More

Health is Wealth


A list of restaurants known for healthy menus in the Fairfield County area!... Learn More

Too Fit to Quit


Workout Classes and Fitness Studios you need to try in 2019!... Learn More